Lumix G

We love Panasonic cameras for both photography and video because they are compact, rugged and versatile. Embrace the ability to capture slow motion video at 60fps in 4K. Enjoy the freedom of dual stabilization that allows you to shoot hand-held photos and videos more often.

Video Specialist – Panasonic GH5 – SAVE $500

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is an adaptable and versatile video camera. It’s ideal for any job where light weight and durability are key. Pair it with the Panasonic’s XLR microphone adapter to open up a wide-range of audio recording possibilities. The dual 5-axis image stabilization resembles a built-in gimbal for incredibly smooth hand-held video.

Dual card SD memory card slots provide the ability to record indefinitely. Just add the dual battery grip, and you’ll be able to hot swap both cards and batteries while filming. All this is fitted inside a nimble, compact body that is intuitive and flexible.


Adventure Photography Master – Panasonic G9SAVE $600

The Panasonic G9 is a lightweight photography tool that can handle the outdoors. It is built with pro-features to handle any adventure. For incredible landscape vistas, the G9’s detailed 80 megapixel multi-image RAW mode is there.

If fast moving wildlife cross the path, capture the action at up to 60 fps using the 6K photo mode. Dual image stabilization allows you to capture hand-held images without blur at significantly slower shutter speeds.


Versatile Adventure Camera – Panasonic G85

Designed as a rugged hybrid camera for both photography and video, the G85 is built to keep up with outdoor lifestyles. It is compact, yet features robust shooting capabilities that are ideal for capturing fast-paced adventure.

The Dual Image Stabilizer helps take crisper, clearer images and video in challenging environments. It provides the ability to prolong battery life to approximately 800–900 images with a power-saving eye sensor that detects when your eye moves away from the viewfinder and automatically enters Sleep mode.